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Credit-worthy businesses are often either denied financing or over-charged due to poor advice. Click below to learn how we can help.

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We listen to and analyze your needs. Then we recommend several financing options that best align your cash flow and tax considerations.

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The Leasing Group is a network of forty-two community banks scattered throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio. These banks provide funding for equipment financing opportunities, both individually and in participation. As a group, our focus is to extend an additional level of credit to businesses in our region.

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  • Are you a business looking for competitive equipment financing?
  • Are you tired of applying to one bank after the next with mixed results?
  • Are you frustrated by unreliable financing advice?
  • Do you need quick approval with multiple options?

We finance all types of equipment for every imaginable type of business. Whether you are one physician acquiring surgical equipment for your practice, a chain of coffee shops adding furniture and fixtures for a new location, or a large construction company with bulldozers and backhoes scattered around project sites in nine states, we are here to help. View examples of types of equipment leased.

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More Experience

Our active associates have a combined history of 109 years of experience in the financing business.

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More Sources

Our community banks are all anxious to extend credit to good companies, each with different credit preferences.

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Our goal is to improve the probability of your financing approval and do it quickly.

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