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by Bob Callander

Credit Scores are on the Rise

Summarized from The Wall Street Journal


Consumer credit scores continued to climb in the U.S. this past spring due primarily to lower unemployment and steady economic growth.  This trend is further enhanced by the credit agencies and the way they report historical consumer financial problems.  Foreclosures and bankruptcies originating during the “great recession of 2008 – 2010 are just now starting to fall off individual credit reports.  More than six million U.S. adults will soon have their recession-related financial problems completely wiped out.  Higher credit scores will follow.

Average credit scores nationwide surpassed 700 in April 2017, the highest average scores since 2005.  This helps the economy since higher scores enable lenders to not only make more loans but make them at lower / less risky interest rates.  Most affected will be the purchases of “big-ticket” items as consumers buy more cars, boats, appliances, furniture, and homes.

Credit card borrowing, already on the rise, should also continue to trend further up thanks to higher card limits and more competitive / lower interest rates.

Altogether, higher credit scores are good for borrowers, lenders, and the economy in general.  Look for a flood of new loan solicitations and credit card promotions.  The economic cycle leading to easier credit for more credit worthy consumers is well underway.

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Credit Scores are on the Rise